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Essential lyrics



Lay back, keep calm and enjoy the time. All you have to do is dream

Just relax and free your mind. Close your eyes and let a dream trip begin

You can fly like an eagle. You swim like dolphins do

You can shine like a star. You are strong like a horse


Sailing all 7 seas. Travelling all around the world

Only you and me. Let a new age begin



Back to the roots and stick to your gun. Sometimes it´s better to go home

Back to the roots where we were born. Going back to make a new start




When I´ve looked at you. – I recognized that the smile has left your eyes.

I asked myself why your face is like stone and I only see two dead eyes.

Hello my friend what has happened to you. Tell me what can I do. (for you)        

Hey guy, I miss you and your happiness. Where is, where is your smile?

Sadness Sadness goodbye. 

I miss your smile. (Let the sun shine on your face again)

Sadness Sadness goodbye (Let the sun shine on your face again)

Sadness goodbye. Show me your smile again....under the blue blue sky



It’s a song for liars and fighters. A song for beauties and beasts 

It’s a song for the rich and the poor. Everybody has desire. But be sure.

There is never smoke without a fire. Take off, you’ll fly higher and higher

If your dream didn’t come true. Don’t scream. Forget the past.

Tomorrow comes another dream.


Hey man, what have you done? Why did you, why did you go wrong?

Tell me, was it really fun? To build up fences, barriers and walls?

Did you feel good about it? Burning down....burning down our house?

Why didn´t you stop this violation? Why did you restrict souls and men?

Why did you kill our mother earth? Were you deaf or blind?

Did you feel good about it? Burning down....burning down our house?


Have you ever thought about the future?

Or was the only credo „I am here & now“.


Tomorrow comes another day. One more day to stay

But also a chance. To rise up again

The next morning comes. The light shines through

The sun rises up. I miss you

I don´t know how long it takes. How long to write you letters from this place

But every daybreak. Brings me closer (to you)





These words are made to share. . These words are like water and sun. 

If you don‘t catch them. You better run. . Quit the game before it starts

This is not your world. This is not your race

(Go to hell and spit spit in devils’ face!)



Put on my shoes and go for a walk. But I can't escape my crazy thoughts                    I'll smile at you but I won't show my teeth. You' can´t see what I feel

I promised you to never give it up;. Even i´m sick and tired of all this stuff

Don´t judge a book by its cover.Don´t judge a book by its cover.


What can I do? – Where are you?

Pick me up with your rocket to the moon

Can you hear my SOS, Do you hear me Major tom?

Pick me up, pick me up with your rocket to the moon




Baby, baby, baby, - I´m feeling blue

Believe me or not, but Baby it´s true

Baby, Baby, baby, - it goes so deep

When my guitar gently weeps

Do you feel what I feel while my guitar gently weeps?

Do you feel what I feel while my guitar gently weeps?

Baby, baby, baby,- It´s a long way down

I´d like to jump, but I´m afraid to hit the ground

Baby, baby, baby,- I sing this song to you

I pray to the moon, hoping to see you soon



Everything is getting better. We can feel it in the air.

Everything is shining brighter. We can see it everywhere.

We wanna see colors, not only black and white.  

Often it´s better to see things through the eyes of a child.

This song is for you and me. Let´s sing it and feel free.

We are ONE we are humans. Let´s start to dance.




I am still standing here, waiting at the pit stop

I am still standing here feeling like an outlaw

I am still standing here with my heavy bag

With my little bag full of dreams

Only I know where I come from

Only god knows where to go

Nobody knows who I am

If you want, you can call me "Sam"



I don´t know your name, I dont´t know who you are.

I don´t know where you are. An unknown star.

Sugar man. you are the one

Please bring back the power to the sun.

Sugar man, believe me, you are the one.

Please bring back the power to the sun

Coming from reality, from reality and back

Your lyrics blow my mind. it´s a stone cold fact

The sweetest kiss you´ve ever got is the one you’ve never tasted

You deserve recognition, you deserve fame




Good morning sun. Why don´t you shine on me?

Good morning world. Why do you turn so bad?

Good morning bro´. Why do you leave me alone?

Good morning friends. Why do you turned up your nose?

My guardian angel. Where are you?

My guardian angel. I don´t see you

My guardian angel. Are you only in my head?  

Please turn the nightmares in dreams instead.

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